Welcome to Multisource We design, build, run, maintain, and federate next wave networks and provide applications and devices that hang off them that ultimately provide context, this all delivered as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) or on a project basis.


Voice and Data Networks Using best-of-breed technology and a world class team, Multisource can deliver wireless solutions for the cost complex needs, for WISPs, for Enterprise for almost anything


Devices From base-station to handset, our communications devices impress every user. Our Icom product range is the world leading digital two way equipment, built in Japan with precision for the most discrening user


Services Our fully equipped call centre, NOC and SOC will make sure that any solution provided by us is monitored and maintained to always run within design parameters.

Multisource has changed !
In the last few months almost everything about Multisource has changed. We have seen a change in shareholding, a bright new management team, a refeshed strategy and most excitingly we have been shopping ! We have new products, new services and new customers.
Alcoma - Wireless Solutions
Whether you are army or ISP, corporation or state institution, we have backhaul or lastmile radio relay solution for you, licensed or unlicensed
  • AL80GE 70/80 Ghz 1,25 Gbps Full Duplex
  • MP product line 4 - 24 GHz Up to 920 Mbps full duplex 2x GETH + SFP
  • L1 Level 2+0 RadioLagg 4-38 GHz | IDU-ODU | up to 752 Mbps full duplex


The Next Wave

Ubiquitous Computing, The Internet of Things, Research & Development


Enterprise Solutions

Products, Services and Solutions for the Enterprise customer



Wholesale access to our network infrastructure around the continent.

Comment from our Clients

 Skyband is very happy with the support that is afforded to us by Neology, and the huge strides we are making in improving the way we do business  - Asif Kassam (CTO)   Multisource delivered on time and to specification. A great experience! - Senior Guy at MS


Next Wave technology that actually works for you.